10 Issues with Kindle Fire

Posted by Stefan on November 20th, 2011 in Uncategorized | No Comments

1. The most serious issue is with its security – Kindle is pre activated and makes possible 1-Click shopping. It does not ask for password or any confirmation. If the device is in the hand of another person, it can literally make you bankrupt.

2. There is no text to speech capability in Kindle Fire. People prefer to use it, for example when they are on long road trips. Text to speech comes handy and saves time. Firtunately, Amazon can still do it with software upgrade.

3. The pre-populated app icons on the carousel can not be deleted. People find it annoying as they keep addition a lot of Apps for trial and when they do not want these, it can not be deleted.

4. The wifi strength is subpar and there has been reports of wifi getting disconnected at time. It could also be due the issue of the router. We think that this is not as serious issues as has been reported to be.

5. There is no Physical Volume Control. In making everything digital, we forgot to include simple physical control buttons. This is not a very serious complaint – just a matter of personal preference.

6. The touchscreen response is not great. People have to punch it to respond.

7. The length of the adapter to charge the Kindle is too short. It is hard to keep it charging and still be able to do your work, unless you are extremely lucky to find a outlet very close the place you work.

8. The two sperakers on the device are on the same side of the device making it a work like a Mono Speaker.

9. The Silk browser is slow and has subpar performmance.

10. It has only 6.5 Giga Bytes of free storage. This is too low for someone who wish to store movies.

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