2010 – Year of mobile gadgets, twitter, groupon and facebook

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That’s a fact – Apple Inc users were already browsing the web watching movies and streaming music anywhere they could maintain a cellular or Wi-Fi connection—and without really having to find a place to sit down and boot up a laptop from their cell phones since 2007, but the new cool devices running on Android, software distributed by the famous Google Inc along with the Apple iOS made a huge appearance this year. They simply shot past the research in motions’ very well known blackberry. Android alone is even closing in to the market leader till now the Nokia corp.
Comparing the success of the two with Microsoft Corp., also known as the powerhouse on the desktop, is also looking to hold on the market as long as possible, with currently having only 2.8% as its share. All its hope is on the upcoming machines running the new windows phone 7.

2010 also saw the rise of tablet computer started by Apple and is christened as iPad. Apple sold around 7.5 million iPads alone in the first is 6 months of introduction. And it’s foreseen by the market gurus that no less than 55 million would be selling in the coming year.
With iPad Apple has actually started a new mobile category, which is a touch screen tablet computer, introduced in the early fifth month of the year. So far many well known companies failed miserably to sell such a device, Microsoft to be on the top of the list. Apple got lucky though, by giving out a combination of style, quality with mobility. It indeed attracted a huge lot.

This year another notable event was the competition iPhone faced. And almost all of it was from the Google`s mobile operating system lovingly known as Android. Though the first introduction of android device to the market was almost 2 years ago, but not until 2010 it actually got famous. Thanks to goggles’ partnership with version wireless and Motorola. This collaboration indeed gave out a long hit series of phones, surpassed Apple as well
Kinect of the Xbox

Nintendo ii has been emphasizing on fun over graphics for a while now, making it a surprise hit at present. Sony and Microsoft are not way behind either, answering the motion gaming call with the Play station move and the Xbox Kinect. Loyalties staying with motion gaming as always, but it seems this time this trend will stay for a while.
Broadly known as the motion controller, Microsoft Kinect is quite a different species. Totally apart from Sony `move as well as Nintendo`s wii Motionplus controllers, which detect the motion as you wave them around in your hands, this new guy turns your entire body into controller with its hardware. It’s a motion detector-inside a camera that sets up in front of you or on top of your TV as well, constantly converting your movements into signals that Xbox can decode.
With Kinect Microsoft has a prospect to widen its gaming audience as well as it will produce great attraction with the menu system of the Xbox 360.currently priced at 150$ with the Kinect adventures, is quite worth its value.
Facebook, Groupon and twitter

Our dearly loved face book, twitter and Groupon has successfully gained 70 percent in enterprise value since the 7th month of 2010,making Google look like a utility stock or shall we mention Microsoft here!

On the first of December, the institutional investors made it public that trio has a combined worth of $49.7 billion. Facebook sharing the 41.2$ billion while Twitter having 3.7$ and Groupon at 4.8$.stats given by Nyppex report recently. So it apparent that these private companies have already become must have holdings in the secondary market, where stock is purchased from the shareholders like employees.

Nyppex, an advisory firm to sellers and buyers of private shares, tracked 11 of the largest social media companies in this report, including LinkedIn, Yelp and Zynga. Although a few lost momentum during the five-month window — notably Digg which fell 40 percent after a controversial site redesign — the vast majority were firmly in the black. Based on institutional bids, the group’s valuation gained 54.3 percent in the period.

Nyppex is an advisory firm to sellers as well as buyers of private shares. According to its report, 11 of the largest social media companies including LinkedIn, yelp and Zynga have lost their momentum since last couple of months as compared to Facebook, twitter and Groupon. Digg fell almost 40 percent after a failed site redesign.
The social-buying site Groupon, which recently rejected a $6 billion offer from Google, led the pack, up 303.4 percent. Not losing the pride, it’s now looking for private financers.

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