2011 Hyundai Santa Fe to be built at Georgia KIA Plant

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Hyundai has started to manufacture the new Santa Fe 2011 at its KIA plant in Georgia. This clever move allows the Alabama plant to make more Sonatas, which has proven to be a successful selling vehicle, and it will also mean that the production of the Sorento and the Santa Fe will be made at the same location. In terms of production, this means that the Georgia plant will experience an increase in the number of vehicles they will be making, and an increase in the number of local people it will employ. The good aspect about the Santa Fe being produced at the Georgia plant is that both the Sorento and the Santa Fe share many of its features.

Santa Fe 2011- Features

The new Santa Fe 2011 will have a few interesting changes not only on the outside but also on the inside. On the outside, the back dashboard and the front radiator grille will look more refined and updated. However, the rear lights as well as the front lights will remain the same. One more thing that will be left unchanged is the 17 inches alloy wheels because they have proven to be effective and accepted by customers. On the inside, the 2011 Santa Fe will comprise leather or fabric seats, depending on the model you purchase. It will also include a global positioning system that comes with a touch screen, and good connectivity options because it will have a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from that, the Santa Fe 2011 will have a rear view camera and stereo controls included on the steering wheel. The version of the Santa Fe 2011 comes with a 2.4 litres engine with four cylinders that provide 175 horsepower and a torque of 321 p/f. you will be able to choose between a manual or automatic gear mechanism of six speeds. And something that has definitely improved in the new version is its response time and fuel economy. In terms of safety, the Hyundai Santa Fe 2011 comprises driver’s airbag as well as six other airbags for passengers that are activated by means of a sensor in case of internal collision. It also comes with a new technology to make the vehicle more stable and ABS brakes system. Although the official pricing strategy has not been revealed yet, our experts believe that the new Santa Fe 2011 will be around $25,000.

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2. The picture is courtsey Hyundai site and belongs to current year model.

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