2011 Toyota Corolla – Most Successful Car ?

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One of the most successful Toyota vehicles is, without doubt, the Toyota Corolla. When it first appeared in the market more than 40 decades ago, there was a Corolla craze all over the world. The Corolla craze was due to the car’s performance, great fuel economy and refined appearance. Today, after so long, Corolla is still a successful selling sedan and it offers Toyota advocates great reasons to remain loyal to the brand. In a recent interview, Toyota’s CEO announced that they are already working on a new version of the Corolla that will be released in the first quarter of 2011. Despite the release date is still a long way ahead, we have some interesting information about the new version of Corolla. Let’s have a look at what the car will comprise.

Some of the tweaks they will make will be noticed on the outside because they have redesigned the front dashboard and radiator grille and the headlights and rear lights also look a bit more sporty and updated. The 2011 Toyota Corolla will still have room for five passengers because the four doors will be kept as part of a design strategy that has proven to be successful. On the inside, the seats will be made of leather, the possibility to adjust the driver’s seat, automatic windows and power locks. Other interesting features it will comprise include a USB port with an interface for iPods, Bluetooth, and a JBL stereo. However, not all versions of the Corolla will come with global positioning system. The 2011 Corolla will come in different versions to meet the needs of different customers. The versions will be the Base model, LE, Sports version, XLE (a luxury version) and XRS (a premium version). All the versions of the Corolla 2011 will have an engine of 1.8 litres with four cylinders that will provide 132 horsepower. It will have a manual or automatic gear mechanism of five speeds. The XRS premium version will have an engine of 2.5 litres with four cylinders that will provide 169 horsepower. The gear mechanism can be either manual or automatic with five speeds. All the different versions of the 2011 Corolla will be efficient in terms of performance and fuel economy. In terms of safety, the 2011 Toyota Corolla will come with driver’s airbag as well as airbags for passengers, ABS brakes system, a new system to make the car more stable in slippery surfaces and cruise control.

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