2012 Buick Verano – Pictures released

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There have been a lot of rumours and many speculations have been made since General Motors announced its intention to come up to the market on 2012 with a new Buick  Verano model.

Public curiosity has somehow been lessened once the company released the first teaser photo of the new car. It shows its front side, the right corner being focused on. What can you get from the image? You can see the way headlights and fog lights have been designed and what the architecture of the front grill will be like.

All that was known about Verano before the release of the teaser image was that general Motors expressed its intention to build the new Buick model at the site of Orion Assembly works in Southeastern Michigan. According to the company, General Motors will not have just the Verano built there. It intends to develop similar projects at the above mentioned spot. The company is planning to build its new small car there as well.

There is so little information currently available about the new Buick. It is known that General Motors has invested $600 million to develop the Verano model as well as the new small car of the company. Verano is also known to have been thought of as a sedan compact car. Although little can be seen of it, Verano promises to offer first class styling, top performance and high quality content.

General Motors states that there are no more details which can be published for the time being. However, the public opinion is eagerly waiting for further reliable information on the design of the new car, the type of engine it will be endowed with, its particular features, or the targeted clients. Until further notice form the company, all we have is the teaser photo, which at a closer look, does promise a lot. Otherwise, speculations will continue to emerge, rumours will keep on spreading. They will only add to the increasing interest in the Verano model.

While swimming in this lack of information ocean, the public is waiting for General Motors to make some information public regarding the price list of the Buick Verano, together with some of its specifications, we can only rely on the company’s good name and hope that it will bring to live and on the market the so secret, so promised, and so much waited Buick Verano. It looks like it will hit the 2012 car market.

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