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Ford enjoys the fame of providing well crafted vehicles that best suit law enforcement department, police, of United States. Ford has set to a newly crafted 2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor which one can enjoy the pleasure of seeing it in 2012. Ford has taken almost all the efforts to study the exact requirements and the demands of police department to design the model, 2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor. The enhanced design of the 2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor would certainly guarantee to meet the demands and safety measures of the police. The 2012 Ford Explore Police Interceptor design is the redesigned one of the 2011 Ford Explorer.

2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is redesigned with the intention of drawing fuel efficiency up to 20%. The model would be provided with the pack of 3.5ltr displacement and V6 engine mated with Ti-VCT technology. This whole pack is supposed to generate at least 280 horsepower that is equivalent to 208kw. The engine is equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission. The engine can operate using both all wheel drive and front wheel drive mechanism. The mechanical pack is compatible with E85. The model is based on 18” steel wheels

In designing the 2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor, the company has not compromised in providing the standard safety measures of the vehicle to excel in the duty. To add to comfort and convenience the rear portion would be fabricated to withstand the collision with the acceleration of 75 miles/hr. Even at higher acceleration also to hold the grip the 2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is designed with unique technology. The model has been designed with maximum safety measures, for example they include Ford SYNC used for wireless voice communication, BLIS elaborated as Blind Spot Information system working on sensors to detect and range vehicles around, Rear view camera, Reverse system with object sensors and roll over stability control. In addition the vehicle is provided with safety Canopy side curtain airbags which is to protect the passengers from internal collisions.

2012 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is designed with spacious interior to provide enough comfortable space to the officers on duty. The new cabin seats are placed with lowered bolster to freely accommodate the utility belts. The console area is designed as per the requirement of the department to carry as many types of equipment they need to on duty. Even space for computer is also provided at the centre console which is kept free from gear shifter unit. Every measure has been taken by the company to accommodate and drive with ease even in high tension movements, for example the steering wheel is provided with button to operate sirens and lights without distracting the attention from roads. To generate more space interiorly the second row uses vinyl upholstery which can be easily cleaned and folded to flat so that can accommodate k-9 officers and for conduction of SWAT operations. Space is also provided to store spare tire for emergency purpose.

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