2012 Ford Kuga Hybrid

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One of foremost and dominant players in the automotive universe, Ford Motor Company, is prepping up the new design of its thriving crossover SUV, the Ford Kuga which, will be rebranded as 2012 Ford Kuga. With competition stepping up from all corners for producing vehicle capable of running on different fuel types, especially complying with the green revolution, the 2012 Ford Kuga is expected to be offered in the hybrid version based on the C1 platform.  It is mostly believed that the latest Kuga hybrid will be selling in North America as 2012 Ford Escape hybrid. This could be the first compact crossover SUV with hybrid mechanism designed by Ford Motor Company.

The 2012 Ford Kuga hybrid will expect to come with a tough exterior of four doors and a hatchback and possessing the capacity to hold five passengers with ease. The sleek model would be designed to offer sharp and muscular looks. The sophistication would be maintained with not much unnecessary decorations. The aggressive grille front will be designed with the Ford style unique three bars. The grille front would be mounted with rounded headlights and slightly extended towards periphery. With these redesigned features the 2012 Ford Kuga is expected to get the polished and sparkling getup.

The metal skin of 2012 Ford Kuga hybrid would be incorporated with muscular mechanical assembly of 2.5 liter displacement paired with 4 cylinders Eco Boost engine. This muscular power pack is expected to be strengthened with electric motor. The power pack is designed to boost the momentum of 237 hp and 250 pound feet of torque at around 1700 RPM.  The power is further enhanced with the use of CVT technology also known as continuous variable automatic transmission technology. The self charger mechanism is associated with the assembled electric motor due to this feature the performance of SUV is further improved. And will go that extra mile when the battery is fully charged up. The high performance engine will be synced with a 6 speed gear box in automatic transmission mode and possessing a dual clutch feature which, further translates to better fuel efficiency. To be rolled out in both drive mechanisms i.e. all wheel drive and front wheel drive mechanisms, the 2012 Ford Kuga will deliver an excellent ride experience. An advanced drive train mechanism with the added bonus of electric motor will give a decent mileage figure of 30 miles per gallon on city roads and speed up to 34 miles per gallon when on highways.

To stand up for the name earned, the 2012 Ford Kuga hybrid will be equipped with a plethora of accessories. The dashboard will be adorned with a high end navigation system having voice recognition features, Bluetooth and USB connectivity for that added advantage with mobile phones and other portable entertainment devices. A high end music system will also be inscribed in the dashboard. The list of safety features will not be short either and will be rejigged with the mandatory airbags at various collision points on the interiors. In addition to this, the 2012 Ford Kuga will also be equipped with an all wheel anti-locking disc brake system as a standard option and cruise control system for that smooth cruise on bad roads.

Although the launch date of the 2012 Ford Kuga hybrid is still undisclosed but anticipated somewhere around middle of 2011, it will definitely make its presence felt once on the streets.

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