2012 Honda Pilot Features

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2012 Honda Pilot is the new addition in SUV midsized vehicles being introduced by Honda motors in early 2012 and is expected to meet the needs of its prized customers. The company has the confidence on the performance of its earlier models. The new model is designed exclusively in midsize to seat 8 passengers. This model will have four variants: base model, Ex , Ex-L and the Luxury Model. The vehicle will have increased luggage space.

The new 2012 Honda Pilot’s base model is also named as its value model. This model has a keyless access by using of a remote. The wheels are quite big with 16 inches diameter. The windows have powered tinted glass. The steering wheel is also designed in a stylish way and studded with the buttons for control of the vehicles’ audio system. The car is provided with a very effective air conditioner. EX-model is provided with automatic controls for controlling the inside environmental temperature of the vehicle. Besides the standard accessories, it is also provided with a powered driver seat where there is provision for making eight different adjustments of the seat with powered buttons. The EX model has greater space for baggage compared to the value model. EX -L variant is provided with heated front seats and a wide top sunroof in addition to the other accompaniments in Ex model. The Deluxe variant has an extra music system working on DVDs provided in its rear.
Forthcoming 2012 Honda Pilot is providing with the same engine in its all four variants. The engine has cylinder volume of 3500cc with six , which develop 244 bhp at a speed of 5400 rpm and has torque of 25O lb.ft. measured at 4500 rpm. The engine is designed on SOHC, which makes the engine comparatively much lighter in proportion to the piston weight. Consequently, the vehicle has an improved performance. This has a five speed gear box for automatic transmission. The normal design of vehicle is front wheel drive, but there is also extension for four wheel drive. The four-wheel drive is based on a most modern technique that uses variable cylinder management that means depending upon its speed and load on the vehicle, some of the cylinders can be turned off at a slower speed or on light load.
Latest 2012 Honda Pilot has been equipped with the latest variable cylinder management technique and SOHC engine design which together assist to increase its fuel efficiency substantially. The average fuel consumption in the city is 16 miles per gallon and 22 miles per gallon on the highways.
All essential safety features have been incorporated in the new model of 2012 Honda Pilot. There are air bags everywhere in front and on sides for safety in case on any collision. Moreover, the vehicle is provided with emergency anti-lock brake disc, cruise control and a versatile stability control device to control the vehicle from skidding on slippery roads.
2012 Honda Pilot has some constraint for legs space and room for cargo. It is a better performing vehicle to take 8 passengers for a city ride or on long distance travel on highways with better technology of Honda. There is a warrantee for 36,000 miles or 3 years. The price of the vehicle is yet to be announced

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  1. mipak says

    December 3, 2010

    This sounds exactly like the 2009-2011 Honda Pilot!! Not a bit of difference!!!

    Ridiculous they will stay with a 5 speed when all competitors are using a 6 speed.

    The HP is low too. Most others are far more. around 280 HP.

    I doubt any of this is true. It’s all smoke and screen.