2012 Hyundai Elantra

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The best way to think of the 2012 Hyundai Elantra is the way Motor Trend described it: as a smaller version of the Korean carmaker’s very popular Sonata.

The big difference is that the Elantra is smaller than the Sonata and it packs a much smaller engine. The Elantra has a 1.6 liter direct injection engine rather than the Sonata’s 2.4 liter motor. This will give the Elantra less horsepower than the Sonata.

Like a number of other automakers Hyundai seems to be betting on fuel efficiency and economy as selling points. The Elantra is supposed to be 10% more efficient than its competitors. This works out to about 29 miles per gallon in the city and 40 miles per gallon in the country.

A Great Looking Little Car
Elantra’s best feature is definitely its look: it doesn’t look like an economy car. As with its competitor the Ford Focus, it’s very sleek and stylish and looks more like contemporary mid priced sedans.

Hyundai seems to be aiming this car at those who want to save a few dollars by driving an economy model but don’t want to be seen driving one. Whether this strategy will work or not is debatable but the Elantra is a good looking little car.

Nice Interior
The inside of the Elantra is just as appealing as the exterior is according to reviewers at iguida.com. The website called the 2011 model best in class so the 2012 could be just as good.

Among other things there’s lots of front and rear seat space. The main drawback is the amount of height, persons over 5 feet 9 inches will have to scrunch. This means that bigger men might be a bit more comfortable with something like the Nissan Cube.

Despite its low profile the Elantra has plenty of trunk space and the bucket seats are very comfortable. This means it would be a good car for freeway cruising.

The best features are the controls which are all very easy to use. These include audio controls and buttons large enough for a person with gloves to push.

2012 Hyundai Elantra Engine and Transmission

Persons used to more recent Japanese and American sedans may find the Elantra’s 1.6 liter engine a little underpowered. Despite this it does have high torque or power ratings for a small car so it should have pick up and go for freeway driving.

Two models are of the Elantra will be available this year the GLS and the Limited. The major difference between these two is that the GLS will come with a standard six speed transmission and an optional automatic six speed. In the GLS, the automatic six speed transmission will be standard.

Some reviewers have noted that the Elantra is a good freeway cruiser but gets a little anemic on the hills and when you’re trying to get around slow moving cars. This would make it a good car for relaxed drivers who aren’t worried about speed.

2012 Hyundai Elantra Features
As with all the Hyundai products in recent years, the Elantra is packed with features. Even standard models have lots of nifty extras for the gadget gurus out there. These include:

• A six speaker audio system with an I-pod jack is standard.
• A navigation system with a 7 inch screen
• Height adjustable driver’s seat.
• An optional rearview camera.

The 2012 Elantra looks like a winner and it would be a good fit for those who want a stylish little car that doesn’t cost that much.

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