2012 Toyota FT 86

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Nowadays when the competition between automobile firms is quite fierce, it is quite news to hear 2 big automobile companies collaborating to design and roll out one unique coupe. The Toyota FT-86 is one such brainchild of Toyota Motor Company and Subaru, the transportation unit of Fuji Heavy Industries. Based on the FT-HS or the Future Toyota – Hybrid Sport design, the concept car Toyota FT-86 is still quite nascent with is market materialization and anticipated to be rolling out from over from the assembly line by last quarter of next year and christened as 2012 Toyota FT-86.

On the exterior, the 2012 Toyota FT86 would look very stylish and possess quite unique features as far the coupe goes. The exclusive 2 door coupe would have a wheelbase of 100.4 inches and somewhat compacted on the structure. With the various automotive shows exhibiting what to expect from the production line up, the 2012 Toyota FT86 may be lower ground clearance for easy transit of passengers. The aerodynamic design and exquisite sporty looks would be further bettered with the addition of a rear spoiler and 2 rounded exhaust pipes would sync nicely with the lowered bumpers.

Under the uniquely colored metal skin, the 2012 Toyota FT86 would be equipped with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. The cylinders of the engine would be associated with 16 valves i.e. 4 valves for each cylinder forming the DOHC or Double OverHead Camshaft technology allowing better intake and outgo of the fuel. The valves associated with the engine cylinders would be programmed with the variable valve timing concept. The engine is expected to be coupled with a 6 speed gear box operating in manual transmission mode. This exquisite coupe would be rejigged with the rear wheel drive mechanism. And the so assembled drive train assembly would emanate a horsepower of 200 units. The coupe will definitely offer an excellent ride by the virtue of its lighter body weight and lower center of gravity. With not much prototypes available on the road, its fuel economy is somewhat difficult to gauge.

Stylish and sports seats for all passengers will make up a part of the interiors of the 2012 Toyota FT86 and would be done up in leather upholstery. The dashboard would be studded with a wide array of accessories and leather wrapped trendy steering wheel. The standard list of accessories will enlist a high end navigation system with voice recognition and touch screen capabilities, red neon lights equipped digital gauges for monitoring the various dynamic parameters. A high end music system would definitely power up the riding pleasure reinforced with the added Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices and other entertainment devices. Every other automobile company benchmarks itself with the safety standards set by Toyota and will not be given the slightest blind eye. Apart from the mandatory passenger safety measures the 2012 Toyota FT86 will also possess traction and stability control system and antilock disc brakes for those immediate situations.

With Toyota not taking any chances and playing its cards close to its chest, the prices of 2012 Toyota FT86 are still not known. But as far as the get up and specification goes, it will definitely mark a thunder entry in the automobile arena.

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