6 Coolest USB Flash Drives Ever

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Great and innovative designs for the mundane data storage device.

Sony has officially announced that it is to discontinue floppy disks, a data storage system it has been selling since 1981. In a fitting tribute to the death of a legendary storage device, we’ve looked at the coolest of the current contenders of data storage in the form of USB drives.

The Transformer

A lot of flash drives can conceal the USB port, but very few can actually transform from a menacing robot in disguise into a useful data storage device. The Ravage Transformer 2GB flash drive was so popular that it sold out in less than a day when it was released in May 2009.

The Teddy Bear

Forming the dual functions of being both cute and useful, the Teddy Bear flash drive is admittedly a little cumbersome hanging out of your PC. However, the resultant optical effect of the daft bear getting his head stuck in your computer will never cease to be funny (no, really).

The LEGO Brick

Simple multi-coloured building blocks never seem to lose their appeal, and LEGO retains its status as one of the most iconic toys ever made. Seeing a niche in the market to combine a flash drive with a LEGO brick, some bright spark designed the iBlock (screw you Apple patent team!) before expanding the range of LEGO accessories to include iPod speakers.

The Eye of the Tiger

Before disappointing sequels and the rapid deterioration of Carl Weather’s acting career, Rocky III lit up the silver screen, becoming a cult hit of 1982. The movie launched the career of Mr T before The A-Team, and these flash drives are a fitting reminder of the glory that was Rocky III. Sadly, much like Rocky himself, Stallone never knows when to quit, and three more films followed this epic.

The Invincible Flash Drive

Whilst this little device might not look as cool as some of the other models here, this gets significant kudos for being virtually indestructible. Not only can the Pretec i-Disk BULLET be emerged in water and fire without affecting data recovery, the flash drive can absorb more bullets than Captain Scarlet (if you don’t know, Google it) and still keep working!

The Fun Food

Food is an obvious choice for a creative flash drive but the sheer diversity of food-related USB storage devices is extraordinary. Bagels, pizzas, burgers, melon slices – you name it, there’s probably a flash drive for it.

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