Aceeca PDA32 Strings Loyalty to the PalmOS

Posted by Stefan on April 12th, 2010 in Handhelds | No Comments

Aceeca is back in the news for its latest PDA offering christened the PDA32 and the novelty of this product isn’t the only reason why it is making all the news. It is because of this thingamajig that the PalmOS is still alive in the industrial sector while its last OS laden device for the consumer was the Centro. Palm was a tad worried about the latest Aceeca offering ignoring the OS as Palm itself is thinking Android but Aceeca has been loyal not to ignore the OS.

Other than the inclusion of PalmOS, the Aceeca PDA32 has a 320×480 display and is powered by a decent 400MhZ Samsung S3C2440 processor. Also, it gets a 64MB RAM and 128MB of NVFS. Compared to some other PDAs on offer, the PDA32 is quite bulky as it weighs 196gms.

Bluetooth and WiFi come as options while a slot for an SD card is a standard feature. The spec-sheet is fairly ordinary yet the Aceeca PDA32 bears a shocking price tag of $199. [via: Tamspalm]

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