ACER Aspire 1820T hits US packing Core 2 Duo

Posted by Stefan on December 8th, 2009 in Computers, Laptops | No Comments


Aussies might remember this machine as it was previously released in their country. However for American’s this one is new and will be coming to the U.S just in time for Christmas (hopefully if there are no delays).

The Aspire 1820t packs an 11-inch screen that can fold into a tablet form factor and sports a Core Duo processor (though no clock speeds have been released). 4GB of DDR3 RAM comes standard as well as a 160GB hard disk drive. Other frills include integrated video and a built in webcam as well as Windows 7 running the show.

What can we say? All that power in such a tiny system sounds too good to be true. Hopefully our dreams won’t be shattered by a price tag which should be coming within the next few days.

So what’d you say? Hot or not? Going under yours or someone else’s tree this year?

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