Acer P236H BD LCD Monitor Review

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The Acer P236H BD is a widescreen LCD Monitor that you can hook up to your desktop for a big display on decent quality of view. Here are some quick facts about Acer P236H BD LCD Monitor

– The size of the screen is 23″ – and it has Widescreen format – so the screen looks a little wider than tall.
– Acer P236H BD has a resolution 1920 x 1080 – this resolution is the same as that of a full HD TV resolution. So in case if you wish to see any movie in HD resolution, Acer P236H BD will give you high definition LCD TV grade quality.
– The Contrast ratio for Acer P236H BD is 1000:1, which is slightly less than other commercial LCDs. However, it has been found that this quality of the display is distinct and crisp.

– Acer P236H BD has Brightness level specified at 300 cd/m2
– The Response time of 5ms in Acer P236H BD means that the screen does not blur if you have fast moving videos.
– The Acer P236H BD has 1xVGA and 1xDVI input. The Acer P236H BD is made for hooking to a desktop and is not intended to be used as TV. So it does not has a TV tuner and it does not come with HDMI.
– If you are interested in size – Acer P236H BD has dimensions of 21.4″ x 15.3″ x 7.89″D and t weighs 10.1lbs
– Acer P236H BD also comes with 3 year warranty

The regular price of Acer P236H BD has been found to be $199 at Staples at the time of writing. However, it has been offered on Black Friday Sales ( November 26, 2010) at $149.98 – which is a bargain price, if you are looking for a big display.

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