Acura RL 2012

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Acura RL model is headed as the starred product associated with the Acura brand which is the luxury brand. Acura’s luxury sedans have always marked its success in front of its rivals like BMW banking on its lower pricing compared to BMW brand. Therefore, banking on the fruitful success of the Acura RL, the company is planning to revamp the all new Acura RL 2012 with innovative advancements to appeal more car enthusiasts. Quickly running through the car reviews we can know more about the upcoming luxury sedan.

The Acura RL 2012 is marching ahead in its class of four door luxury sedan. The basic architecture is based on its predecessors with not much dimensional changes. But the significant development is seen in its features and the mechanical power pack. The sedan looks more polished with its blunt looks and will sparkle in eight variant colors .

2012 RL will be capable of generating 300 horsepower of momentum with the help of mechanical pack of 3.5 liter displacement associated with V6 technology. The 6 cylinders are incorporated with 24 valves working fine using SOHC technology also known as Single OverHead Cam. The efficiency of this version is enhanced with the use of All wheel Drive mechanism. With this package the acceleration is met from 0 – 60 within 7.2 seconds. The new 2012 RL is prominently expected to come with the latest innovation of 4.8 liter displacement operating on V8 technology. This engine version gives powerful performance with rear wheel drive mechanism. This vehicle from Acura is the first to come with the mechanism of rear wheel drive. This power pack is expected to offer even better fuel economy thereby increasing its sale. Both the mechanical assemblies are paired with five speed gearbox operating on manual transmission though the freedom of opting for six speed automatic transmission gearbox is available.  Due to this the fuel economy is improved further. Additionally, the value is gained due to its overdrive speciality along with sportshift. The feature of in-wheel silencer is unique with the sedan that engulfs the road hurdles giving the smooth ride even on uneven roads.

The interior of Acura RL 2012 comes in various shades comprising of tan, ebony and parchment. The sedan offers the comfortable room for 5 passengers. The lavish dashboard is stylishly designed preloaded with amenities like climate control, USB connectivity for iPods, Wifi connectivity supporting Bluetooth technology to facilitate hands free communication. The navigation system with touch screen and rear view mirrors are provided as optional entities. The ultimate driving is experienced with standard music system comprising of 6 CD changer and a set of 10 Bose speakers with surround sound. Accuralink feature is unique with Acura vehicles.

The luxury sedan would be designed with ample safety amenities like the entire range of airbags for the protection of passengers from collision; the seat is added with child safety lock. And vehicle is protected by cruise control and vehicle stability control mated with all wheel antilock disc brakes to prevent the vehicle from loosing grip on slippery roads.

Best deal of around $47,100 is offered for the luxurious  Acura RL 2012 with all the advanced features and intense technology. With these improvements the new Acura will make its presence special for the car enthusiasts.

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