Adobe and Apple War Stiffens with no Flash Support on the iPad

Posted by Stefan on April 12th, 2010 in Apple | No Comments

Cupertino and Adobe are at loggerheads with each other especially after Apple clarified that the sensational iPad will only play videos based on the HTML5 format and it will out-rightly shun the Flash player. Matters have worsened now as the new Apple Terms of Service specify that all apps created using CS5 product, Flash Professional, from Adobe will be rejected at the App store as Apple does not want Adobe powering any applications on its new device. Though the CS5 helps create applications that run on iPhone OS and is not a direct application, Apple still is in the rebellious mood.

As per Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, Apple is the only company that is hindering the developers and therefore Adobe,along with developers, are leaving it all up to Cupertino to take a final decision.

Adobe is confident about its stance and that is because Adobe is everywhere and if Apple wants to banish it, there are other bigger names waiting to offer a helping hand. This strategy will only empower Apple’s direct competitors who will benefit from the Adobe support. [via: Slashgear]

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