AlphaChat iPhone/iPad App Slated to Arrive at the App Store Next Week

Posted by Stefan on April 2nd, 2010 in Cell Phones | No Comments

With the iPad arriving shortly, the App Store is aware of the applications flood that will swamp the whole of Cupertino. One of the apps that could get noticed in the crowd is the AlphaChat VoIP. It is an app that is being touted as the first mind reading or thought reading application in the world. In simpler terms, it will help you communicate by using your thoughts alone.

Now it is just a claim and though the Alphachat is targeting big names like Skype, what remains to be seen is how effectively an app like this will function. The developers of this application haven’t yet explained the exact manner in which this app becomes functional.

The only thing explained is that the app reads 8-12Hz electromagnetic oscillations produced in the user’s occipital lob, which will then be decoded into a communicative stream of consciousness.

Thought based interactions are ideal for people who do not want that their vocal conversions are overheard. The idea is definitely interesting but, it has to be effective enough to convince the iPad and iPhone owners to shell their money. [via: Nexus404]

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