AMD Athlon II P320 Processor Review

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Clocked at 2.1 GHz, Athlon II P320 processor from AMD has two cores. The P320 possess a total of 1 MB of Level 2 cache memory ( 512KB for each of its two cores). The Athlon II P320 does not have the Level 3 Cache. Many of the recently launched notebooks are coming up with the the AMD Athlon II P320 processor – example include – Compaq CQ62-225, Dell Inspiron 15R.

The AMD Athlon II P320 processor comes under the category of entry level dual core processor. The performance level of these processors have been found to be similar to the Intel’s dual core celeron processor – a good representative example will be the Celeton T3100 at 1.9 GHz.

The Athlon II P320 has integrated DDR3 memory controller. The integrated memory controller is able to offset some of the shortcomings that creep into the processor due to the lack of the Level 3 Cache. This makes the processor fairly good when pitted against the dual core and core 2 processors from the intel. Note that the dual core and the core 2 duo processors from the intel do not have the integrated memory controller. The IO bus ( the bus with which the processor communicates with the chips) is HyperTransport bus. The frequency of the HyperTransport bus is 1800 MHz. Since the HyperTransport bus work on rising as well as the falling edge of the clock, this is equivalent to 3.6 GT/s.

The Turion II processors have better performance than the Athlon II processors. The Turion II processors have 128 bit Floating point Unit as compared to the 64 bit Floating point Unit in the Athlon II processors. You may therefore like to consider the Turion II processors – for example, Turion II P520 if you wish to have higher performance level.

The TDP or the power consumption of the AMD Athlon II P320 Processor is just 25 Watts, which makes it great for the low power and good battery life.

Some benchmarking results are available for the AMD Athlon II P320. The Super pi 2M takes 84 seconds for AMD Athlon II P320. By comparison the 2 core celeron T3100 ( 1.9 GHz), takes 70 seconds The 3DMark 06 score is 1680 for the AMD Athlon II P320 while it is 1687 score for the Celeron T3100 processor.

I you wish higher processing power you may like to consider the Phenm II quad core and six core processors from AMD or the core i3, core i5 processors from Intel

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