AMD Phenom II X3 P820

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AMD’s Phenom II triple core processor P820 has been able to resist the competition from from the Intel Core i7 processor. The best part is the AMD’s top of the line processors are not as expensive as the Intel’s top of the line. However, performance wise, the AMD processor slightly lag the Intel’s processor.

The AMD Phenom II X3 P820 processor is intended for laptops and have 3 cores. The clock frequency of each of the cores is .8 GHz.  The Phenom II processors do not have Level 3 Cache.

The AMD Phenom II X3 P820 processors have integrated DDR3 memory controller. The integrated memory controller makes the memory transfers much more fast.

The low power consumption of the AMD Phenom II X3 P820 processors make it ideally suited for the notebooks that need high battery life and less heat.

Some recent notebooks, for example, Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4036  have the  AMD’s AMD Phenom II X3 P820 processors . We have noticed, great price advantage on the AMD processor based laptops over the equivalent Intel based notebooks.

If you want less expensive Intel based notebooks you may like to consider those equipped with Intel’s Core 2 Duo T6600 processors.  The intel’s i3 and i5 processors also have decent performance level.

As far as the benchmark is concerned the average 3DMark 06  score for the AMD Phenom II X3 P8203 has been reported as 2050. Cmparitively the Intel’s Core 2 Duo T6600 has 3DMark 06 score of 1942.  The 3DMark06 score for the intel core i5-450 is 2794.

The AMD Phneom II P820 is more suitable if you expect multiple processes to run in parallel. The three cores in the Phenom II helps here. In single threaded applications, intel processors perform better.

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