Android 2.2 for Samsung Intercept

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Sprint has announced on December 17th, 2010, that it was rolling out Android 2.2 to the Samsung Intercept. This will be in addition along with the better app support, voice commands and other inherent features. The Sprint also offers an option for Sprint Navigation for the people that are not interested in using Google Maps navigation. Many of the problems such as calls drop with unaddressed call waiting and some more crashes when opening the contact list were arranged with proper fixes and cures.

The Sprint mentioned update about the Android 2.2 should be available via a manual check in the Samsung Intercept’s settings. Sprint doesn’t indicate any chance for the automatic update. Also, Sprint has failed to offer a confirmed date for the much waited update. Generally, this kind of updates will take few weeks time to reach the users on the network. Here, it is quite imperative to remember that, once the Samsung Interecpt gets the Android 2.2 update, then it would be ready to accept the latest Android 2.3 too.


Android 2.2 Update for Samsung Interecept would be a bad omen

There are few Samsung Intercept users already downloaded the Android 2.2 and installed over their phones. Surprisingly, this Android 2.2 resulted as a bad omen for all of them. All these users experienced bugs ranging from the annoying to the really crappy ones. Some of the devices become quite in vain through this installation.

There is no official cause found for the circumstances happened through Android 2.2 installation. Surprisingly, there is no official announcement to come up with a fix for this purpose. There was a rumor that Sprint is work on a fix for this purpose. Sprint also provided a customer care toll free number for this purpose and suggested calling all the victims for the support. The number is 1-888-211-4PCS.

Now, it is quite imperative for the entire Samsung Intercept owner to wait for the Sprint’s official update release for the Android 2.2. All other options those are available now resulting into brick the Intercept.


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