AOC 931SWL 18.5” Wide Screen Flat- Panel LCD MONITOR

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AOC 931 SWL 18.5” Wide Screen Flat –Panel LCD Monitor is a new product that has come to the market in recent times. This desktop monitor has  LCD screen that measures to 18.5 inches diagonally and costs about 90 dollars. The kit comprises of the Monitor itself, VGA cable, power cable, menu software OSD controller and an instruction manual.

AOC 931SWL LCD Monitor has a very fast response speed of 5 milliseconds. The dynamic contrast measures upto 10,000:1. The aspect ratio of this monitor is as good as a TV; it is 16:9, giving you a high definition viewing experience. The most amount of resolution it can support is 1366 X 768 pixels. The screen refreshing rate is 60 Hz. The horizontal viewing angle of this monitor is 170 degrees while its vertical viewing angle is 160 degrees.

AOC 931 SWL  LCD Monitor receives VGA input from the CPU. The anti glare coating included in the monitor makes the viewing soothing to your eyes even in bad and excess bright conditions. Its ultraslim built enables it to be hung on the wall and save space. This desktop is compatible to both your personal computer and Mac operating system machines.

AOC 931SWL  LCD Monitor includes on screen monitor control. The brightness offered by the monitor is 200 candela per square metre. The warranty period of the parts and the labour is 3 years but the panel warranty is only for one year. Landscape viewing is highly preferred with its use as this is a wide screen monitor. Its width is actually more that its height making viewing even better. The vertical frequency at any time is between the range of 55 and 75 Hertz and that of horizontal frequency is between 30 and 80 Hertz.

AOC 931SWL 18.5” Wide Screen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor consumes 25 watt energy when in working mode. It, however, lacks inbuilt audio speakers. No input ports for  HDMI and DVI direct present. DVI direct with HDCP support is also not provided. This monitor is capable of receiving analog signals only. It fails to capture digital signals. It can be tilted as per your reqirement. It is not an energy certified product. It also lacks touchscreen features nor has it any TV tuner built in it. Even then, you can have this monitor at a good budget.

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