Apex LD4068 Review – 40” 1080p LCD HDTV

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Apex comes on top strata while looking for economy products in television market. If you are searching a cheap priced well functioning TV for your living room Apex has a good suggestion before you. Apex now leads the ordinary consumer market winning thousands of positive feedback from customers. This is because the makers of Apex clearly know the expectations of majority of TV users. With the top class apex technology, entertainment reaches its peak. Apex believes in change which can be viewed by naked eyes. So actual value follows the media experience with this TV & specifications have no much role in it.

Apex LD4068 has a dynamic contrast level of 20000:1 to deliver deep and richly saturated color composition. A brightness value of 500cd/m2 is sufficient to give good screen illumination even in bright areas of your home. A fast response time of 8ms is good for supporting the dynamic changes during image views. A base refresh rate of 60Hz goes well with Apex LD4068 because of the high testing and technological standards. Wide viewing angle of 176 degrees keeps you immersed in viewing equally while moving off axis. Aspect ratio of 16:9 delivers crystal clear images on 40” screen.

Three HDMI ports are sufficient to support the connectivity requirements with an HDTV. PC input, optical audio out, component and composite cables, coaxial RF jack, fast USB are the good attributes to amplify the value of your money spending to procure this great product. Two 10W speakers can entice you with the high level technological elevation from SRS labs. Apex LD4068 has no internet & Wi-Fi. But through the digital interactive options and wired ports you can maximize the possibilities in your home movie system. This premium standard economy class product reaches you @ $400 on Wal-Mart online store.

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