Apple Device Found in the Bar is the Real Apple 4G/HD Prototype?

Posted by Stefan on April 20th, 2010 in Cell Phones | No Comments

All hell broke loose when an Apple logo bearing handset was found in a bar as the fanatics were hoping to see the next generation iPhone outed through a better resource. The same device which was found in the bar eventually reached the Gizmodo headquarters for a closer scanning attempt and the conclusion is that it is indeed a nearly finished prototype of the upcoming Apple iPhone 4G or HD, call it what you may.

Take note that it is a ‘nearly finished’ prototype and hence there is no need to get disappointed if you do not like any of its features or the shape that it adorns.

Gizmodo went ahead and took apart this device completely and discovered that it noticeably features a front-facing video camera, a better display rumored to offer 960 x 460 resolution and also a secondary microphone for noise canceling.

The device was interestingly covered in a thick casing and when the experts over Gizmodo took it apart, they discovered a phone with all Apple components on the inside. Given the secrecy Cupertino maintains about all its upcoming products, whoever dropped this prototype in the bar must have already been fired by now. [via: Nexus404]

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