Apple iPad now for the UK customers

Posted by Stefan on February 2nd, 2010 in Computers | 1 Comment


Apple might have taken some time but finally they have announced the launching of iPad in the UK market. It is expected that the iPad will be available to the UK customers in the late March. The first version will be fully wifi enabled. The next version of it will contain all the 3g features. Till now the prices are not disclosed but it is supposed that they will lie within the affordable range.

The Apple iPad will allow you to experience all the best features which are commonly seen in other iPad’s nowadays. They have brought a certain modifications but it will suit the UK environment. Its 3g feature is the best thing in this gadget. It will be unlike other 3G devices have many traditional benefits as well. So get ready to experience some thing really cool. Not much time is left, so get ready for it.

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