Apple iPad USB Charging Concerns for Windows PC Users

Posted by Stefan on April 5th, 2010 in Apple, Tablets | No Comments

There is no single gadget on the planet that can satisfy all customer needs and that is simply because wants are never ending. The latest Apple tablet was almost prefect before its release but some issues have already been reported within 48 hours of the iPad making it to customers. The issues are charging related and a few of the Windows PC users have complained that they cannot charge an iPad through a USB port.

On the other hand, the Mac users haven’t had issues charging the iPad through the USB ports on their Apple computers. Apple however does not need to give clarifications as it already specified that the power requirements of the iPad exceeded the capabilities of low-powered ports on some Windows machines.

The alternative is to either wait for the firmware update that might fix the problem in the future or to use the direct AC adapter that comes with the tablet itself. There is no real need to be caustic about the iPad upfront! [via: Nexus404]

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