Apple iPhone OS 4.0 to Offer a Different Level of Facebook Integration

Posted by Stefan on April 20th, 2010 in Apple, Software | No Comments

The Facebook app at the App Store is no novelty but the next generation iPhone OS (4.0) is set to change this forever. Apple perfectly understands the importance of social networking and therefore iPhone OS 4.0 is going to offer something way better than webOS or even the HTC Sense for that matter.

Courtesy of some iPhone OS 4.0 docs, it is been discovered that the OS will feature low-level Facebook event and contacts integration. This implies that the OS will render a unified contacts and calendar app from Apple when the OS is eventually released.

Apple has succeeded in seemingly creating a separate type of contact specially for Facebook. The document even talks about a generic SocialKitInternal.framework that could enable integration with Twitter as well.

Another feature discovered is the ‘Linked Contacts’ which can be associated to a single entry in the new iPhone OS 4 Contacts app. Cupertino wants the social-networking generation to use the iPhone and nothing more and Apple is doing enough to please the lot. [via: AppleInsider]

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