Apple Looking to Hire a Camera Expert for its iPad Team

Posted by Stefan on April 16th, 2010 in Apple, Digital Cameras, Tablets | No Comments

An internal Apple job posting gives us a hint that Apple is looking for a Performance QA Engineer, iPad Media who could work with the Apple’s Interactive Media Group. The job posting also states that the software professional should have a strong technical background in order to test still, video and audio capture and playback frameworks.

The job posting clearly implies that Apple is looking to hire a professional to develop a better camera for the iPad platform, but by the time this guy is of any real help, Apple will have arrived with iPad 2.0.

Clearly, the current iPad has been announced and the users should not look for any hardware improvements from here on. The better camera ability is therefore a dream that will be fulfilled by the next version of the iPad.

Another big ‘camera related’ news coming from Cupertino is that there will soon be a camera connection kit available for the iPad. This kit will obviously let you hook your digital cameras to the iPad and we are hoping that it will also support class-compliant USB audio devices. [via: Engadget]

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