Apple Tablet Coming in Q2 According to Supply Chain

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Of all the rumors circulating around the world of technology for the CES 2010, there is one rumor that simply cannot be ignored; that is the incredible new invention and design from Apple that makes imagination into reality. As the rumor spread, more people are curious of the upcoming for the mysterious Tablet to be introduced by Apple.

The Tablet to be expected will be named iSlate as being leaked by the so called “insider”. Included with iSlate is the revolutionized technology of the mobile GPU known as PowerVR SGX545 and the touch screen technology as would expect from Apple Inc. Though all these were revealed as leak for the known insider, but revealed by some of those who known Apple close enough, it is a controlled leaks coming directly out from Apple itself. Since till now, no leaking source has been named nor has any of the related company such as Apple Inc, TPK or even ABY to make comment on all these leaking information.

However, whatever the leaks are and how it came about, it indeed brought us the curiosity in these revolutionized products coming from Apple. Now what is left is the wait for the introduction by the famous Steve’s Job of Apple Inc. on these mysterious products from Apple any time soon in 2010.

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