ASUS’ 10-inch Eee PC T101MT is Now Up For the Grabs

Posted by Stefan on April 11th, 2010 in Laptops | No Comments

We live in the age of transition and currently we are transcending from the age of netbooks to the age of tablets. Somewhere in this mix, if you are confused about what to choose, the Asus 10-inch Eee PC T101MT could be the prefect call as it brings to you the best of both worlds, even in terms of its outside appearance.
Categorized though as a netbook, the T101MT from Asus is already up for order on the Asus US site and a standard version is available for $500.

You will of course love the Intel Atom N450 processing power but even for that hefty price-tag, you will only be able to enjoy single-touch input as Windows Seven is still not capable enough to support multi-tasking.

The rewards might be better in the future when some specific Microsoft updates look to render multi-tasking abilities but then this current price tag appears too hefty. May be the chiclet keypad and the capacitive screen are good enough attractions to make a few people spend the dosh but, I am not making a call unless it receives rave reviews. [via: Engadget]

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