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Asus A72F-X1 is powered by the Intel Core i3-370M processor giving it a decent speed and performance for home and office computing.

The intel core i3-370M is a dual core 2.4GHz processor and it does support hyperthreading, which can lead to 4 threads running in parallel. The core i3 processors however does not support the turbo boost, which leads to slightly less performance level as compared to the core i5 based processors from Intel. This should affect you only if you are a developer or you use programs that need heavy processing power – for example, video compression and processing.

The Asus A72F-X1 comes with 4 GB of DDR3 memory which gives it added teeth for fast memory transfer – helpful in applications running in parallel and requiring a lot of memory.

The price at $699 at the time of writing ( according to some of the sites, including amazon) is decent – as – it has bigger 17.3 inch LED backlit LCD. The display has a 1600×900 resolution and is powered by Intel Graphics media Accelerator.

Asus A72F-X1 has 320 GB of hard disk, which should be sufficient for most of the purpose. Other notable feature includes BluRay player which, of course, also supports the DVD drive. Asus A72F-X1 also comes with webcam which will allow you to create lower quality video and will let you do video chat.

As in most laptops that come now a days, this notebook also has wired and wireless internet and USB connectors to connect any USB device.

Asus A72F-X1 Pros

– 17.3 inch large LCD Display
– Blu Ray player

Asus A72F-X1 Cons

– Somewhat lower processing power, in case you need it.

The Asus A72F-X1 is available at a discount price of $699 at circuit city and amazon. If you purchased this notebook feel free to write your own Asus A72F-X1 Review in the comment section below.

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