ASUS Eee PC 1018p

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The ASUS Eee PC 1018p has been one of the most successful netbook launches in the recent past. Asus netbooks may not have seen much innovation in the past year, but ASUS hasn’t laid it to pasture. Seeing two incremental revisions this year a major redesign this quarter, the ASUS Eee PC is back now, with all the features ( and that includes USB 3.0) that ASUS netbook lovers wanted for the past many years. If you skipped the first two ASUS netbook releases earlier this year, then ASUS Eee PC 1018p is the one to grab. At amazon, it is showing a price of $429, but at other places ( including ebay) you may be able to find it at  $380 retail and $360 direct. The upper mid 2010 model ASUS Eee PC 1018p includes features that were envy of all polycarbonate owners. First off, ASUS – without so much as a warning – tossed in a metal chassis design and its multi-touch chiclet designed keyboard/keypad. Appeasing ASUS fanboys with this upgrade, it then bumped up processor and memory speeds, gave it two hours of battery life, made it thinner and threw in the new 32-bit Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system.

The ASUS Eee PC 1018p is similar in appearance to the sleek Apple Mac. It is equipped with a 1.66GHZ Intel Atom N455 processor (made for energy saving), 1GB DDR2 RAM (upgradable to up to 2GB), 5400rpm SATA hard drive with 250GB disk space, Integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphic card (shared), Atheros 802.11 g/n/b Wi-Fi and a 3 x 1.5inch touchpad. Not only that, it also features a one year standard warranty (hardware and software). However, the display screen of this outdoorsy ASUS Eee PC 1018p is a 10.1 inch polished LED Backlit diagonal display, according to Amazon, with a maximum resolution of up to 1024 x 600. Probably the best feature in this sleek modern gadget is its introduction to the world of USB 3.0, with a support of data transmission of up to 4.8GB, as compared to USB 2.0’s 480MB. This netbook also functions a fingerprint reader, to reduce the time of getting logged in and out. It also comes up with a Bluetooth 3.0 support, which is more reliable and faster than version 2.1 and 2.0.

You may also like to note that besides the 1.66 GHz N455 based model, the  ASUS 1018p Eee PC  also comes with the 1.86 GHz Atom N475 processor.  The exact part numbers for the  1.66 GHz version model is   Asus Eee PC 1018P-PU17-BK.

Regarding the performance of ASUS Eee PC 1018p, a movie maniac or a regular website surfer will get the most advantage, due to its energy saving four-cell battery, with four to five hours of battery life, on a user-defined conservative battery plan (single charge). The final verdict of this extra gorgeous netbook is that it has an eye-catching display, long running battery life and calm temperature. Alternatively, this small laptop has an overcrowded keyboard, a rigid touchpad and a dark webcam.

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