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Asus strikes the U.S. market with its brand new ASUS EE PC 1201HA personal laptop. The laptop was discreetly launched and pronounced ready on sale at the respective website of the Best Buy electronic store. The PC is available at a striking rate of $330 only which carries no shipping charges if dealt on a cyber Monday.


As far as the features and specifications are concerned, the ASUS EEE PC 1201HA has a monitor of 12”. According to the net reviews, the 1201HA laptop is a similar notebook to that of the 1101HA series with the minute difference of the 12” display monitor. Intel Atom Processor of 1.33GHz is the brain chip along with a 1 GB Memory support that can be extendable to 2 GB. A 160 GB HDD adds on to it with WiFi connectivity provision. The laptop is supposed to provide a batter backup of about 7 consecutive hours.

Via nexus404

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