Asus EEEBox 1501

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Asus has announced its latest EEEBox range of nettops. This EEEBox is supported by the nVidia Ion platform. This nettop features a dual core Atom N330 processor and upto 4GB of DDR2 RAM along with the nVidia’s Ion chipset. The Storage capacity is in the form of 250 GB harddrive. One of the biggest challenges this nettop is going raise is the 1080p High Definition output via HDMI. Netconnectivity is in the form of Gigabit Ethernet, the 802 and 11n wireless. 11n is the latest wireless system which offers the speed of upto 300Mbps.

This nettop also features the DVD-RW optical drive and the Windows 7 operating system along with a microSD card reader, an eSata connection, four USB ports and 5.1 audio via S/PDIF. This gadget looks great. Unfortunately, I still do not know when it will be released. This gadget’s estimated cost is $581.

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