Asus G53 and G73 (G53JW and G73JW ) 3D Gaming Laptops

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Welcome to the world of gaming. The Asus G53 and G73 3D Gaming Laptops are meant for pure gaming, although its wide features allow professional, designing and business usage too. ASUS is probably the foremost company to take a further step in rich gaming and advanced high-tech computing experience. Both, the ASUS G53 and G73 are equipped with the new Intel Core i7 turbo boost processors and the next generation NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 460M graphic card. This graphic card promises a great speed of up to 1.5GB with the help of its DDR5 memory. The hardware compartment contains a 7200rpm of 320/640 GB hard drive with dual support and 4GB of DDR3 memory RAM (upgradable to up to 8/16GB). The glossy, glare-type 17.3inch LED screen is LED-backlit, which basically means higher energy saving and lower power bills for users. The LED supports full HD and widescreen features with screening dimensions to up to 1920 x 1080. The advanced high definition audio speaker with subwoofers ensures a critical gaming experience with high-quality sound.

According to engadget ASUS is the first company to to offer GTX 460M , with addition 1.5GB of dedicated GDDR5 graphics memory. The ROG G53JW and G73JW machines, According to engadget are the beneficiaries of this graphics upgrade. Both are capable of 3D work.

The laptop’s keyboard is set low in the base, is wide and spacious and has a column of independent page navigation keys. The keyboard is resilient and does not have the bounce and flex that some laptop keyboards show when the keys are pounded. The keys are flat and comfortably sized for rapid touch-typing, something gamers need as a necessity. Another interesting feature is that most of the hot keys (the Fn key in combination with a function number key) for certain hardware functions are operational across the two different platforms, including some live CD operating, without requiring the installation of device/platform-specific software.

Most importantly, the volume, screen brightness, display power and energy saver controls are perfectly operational without any additional effort from the user. Both of the laptops come with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Edition as its default operating system. However, whatever platform on decides to use on the G53 and G73, device and software support doesn’t appear to a problem and the vendor’s support site is good at providing users updated patches, fixes, utilities and drivers for major operating systems. On a fair usage, the laptops eight-cell Lithium-ion battery gives just over 6 to 8 hours of productive gaming on a single charge. A full charge can take about hours plugged into an AC power socket. As for cons, both the laptops are a bit heavy (3.6kg) and cannot be placed on one’s lap for even an hour.

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