ASUS N61 and N71 Notebooks

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Asus has launched this week two new laptops are very focused on multimedia content playback. They are the most powerful on the market, but they are quite large in terms of physical dimensions and have some interesting features. Their names, Asus Asus N61 and N71.

They share most features, such as processor (Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 to 2.13 GHz), RAM (4 GB DDR2) and the graph, an NVidia GT220M with a GT240M option on certain models. The main difference is on the screen of 16 inches and resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels for the N61, and 17.3 inches and 1600 × 800 pixels for the N71. Both are LED screens and the two teams offer an HDMI output.

As for prices, the Asus N61 and N71 are located in an upper-middle range, costing 850 to 1,100 euros, respectively. Should provide very acceptable performance, true even to enjoy the latest games decently market.

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