AT & T introduced the HTC Tilt and HTC Pure 2 with WM 6.5

Posted by Stefan on October 6th, 2009 in Cell Phones | No Comments


U.S. operator AT & T has decided to clarify some things, rumors, and officially launch the HTC HTC Tilt 2 and the Pure, the first two phones with Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system the company.

The HTC Tilt 2 has a price of $ 299 and the HTC Pure is now available in stores from AT & T yesterday, it costs 149 $ with two-year contract. The first still is not in any window will appear in the coming weeks.

Well, tomorrow the new version of Microsoft’s operating system will be officially and then we will see about 30 models of phones that will have him. Tip: do not rush in to buy one, wait, think and know how to choose.

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