ATI Mobility Radeon HD-5870 – a laptop GPU

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The ATI Mobility Radeon HD-5870 is one of the best laptop graphics cards. This is the first DirectX 11 compatible graphic solution for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) like laptops or notebooks. This high-end graphic adapter has two single Mobility HD-5870 cards as specified ingredients utilizing Crossfire. Generally, these cards render one frame at a time. Crossfire graphic solution may be affected by micro stuttering at 20-30 fps ranges because of time difference between the alternative frames. As a result, HD-5870 Crossfire usually needs higher frame rates to play games fluently.

These graphic cards provide the most excellent 3D performance in laptops. Also, they have the capability of handling the games involving high-detail settings as well as high resolutions. The only drawback of these graphic adapters and cards is high power consumption. The ATI Mobility Radeon HD-5870 was announced in January 2010. At time of its declaration, it was assumed that 5870 CF together with GDDR5 memory would be the fastest graphics solution available for laptops. Technically, it is based on desktop Radeon HD 5770 graphics chip with slower clock- rate.

Memory interface of ATI Mobility Radeon HD-5870 is made up 64 bit wide controllers, which are two in number and leads to the 128 bit memory bus. According to AMD, the HD-5870 is approximately twenty percent faster in comparison to the previously produced ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2. But this is true only for GDDR5 version of HD-5870 graphic solution. The HD-5870 version of Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series is equipped with UVD2 (improved video processor), which can decode HD videos through graphics cards. Another unique feature of this graphic version is its capability of transmitting HD audio formats with capacity of 8 channels and 192 kHz per 24 Bit over HDMI 1.3a. These audio formats may include DTS HD Master Audio as well as Dolby True HD.

Furthermore, ATI Mobility Radeon HD-5870 also favors the Eyefinity for connecting up to six monitors at a time to graphics chip. Certainly, it depends on number of monitor outputs added to the laptop by the vendor. Most of the laptops can support three monitor outputs at the same time; one internal and two external screens. HD-5870 graphic card is best suitable for large laptops with good and high quality cooling solutions because of its high power consumption capacity.  In addition, it can also support PowerXpress having AMD chipset as well as Intel Switchable Graphics. The performance of ATI Mobility Radeon HD-5870 lies in between the HD-5750 and HD-5770 as compared to other desktop graphic cards.

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