ATi Radeon HD 5970 “Hemlock” arrives

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The release of HD5970 dual GPU video card called “Hemlock” has been announced by ATi Technologies. It is being considered as the fastest graphics card in the world.

The ATi Radeon HD5970 consists of two 5870 “Cypress” GPUs packed onto a single card which results in an awesome 5 TeraFLOPs of pure graphics processing muscle. Its features include DirectX 11 support, ATi’s Eyefinity multi-display technology and support for ATi Overdrive for overclocking. It uses three displays placed side by side to render graphics at 7680×1600 resolution. It will be available at a retail price of $599 from manufacturers and also as a component in Alienware’s Area-51 Area-51 ALX and Aurora range of gaming desktop

The device is clocked at 725MHz and can be further pushed using an ATi overdrive.The card has 2GB of GDDR5 video RAM running at 1000MHz. To increase the performance, the above two can be used together using ATi CrossFireX.


The device can consume power up to 650W and the tempearture at full load can touch 95°C.The card needs to be overlooked to get better performance.

The HD5970 is most suited to the needs of a hardcore PC gamer

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