Atlona HDAiR wireless HDMI adds analog audio

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Atlona’s wireless HDMI adapter was launched earlier this year with a promising high-definition system without the cord and albeit at a maximum 720p resolution. Though this new version lacks Full HD support but now provides wireless audio too.
Its receiver station has an extra port in the shape of a standard 3.5mm audio output socket. Audio is carried over the HDMI connection. The adapter allows you to have twin displays along with audio since both of its video outputs are active simultaneously. Its range is up to 30ft and may vary depending on the communication channel. Unfortunately, the price for this adapter has also increased to an MRSP of $219.

Atlona Technologies has been known for their innovative product lines. The new HDAiR was recently released with the ability to output audio in both 3.5mm analog, as well as embedded on the HDMI output after receiving feedback from the users over its wireless USB to HDMI or VGA converter released earlier this year.
The new device is compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7 and it will allow the users to connect any USB enabled computer or laptop wirelessly, to any HDTV or projector via VGA or HDMI. It facilitates wireless transmission of high resolution signal from a small USB adaptor connected to a computer, to a receiver unit placed next to the display. The addition of audio to this device makes it perfect for viewing continuously streaming media from HULU or Youtube as well as computer based learning programs.

This new HDAiR provides a cost effective and convenient solution for home, business and educational users to integrate their computers into HD audio video systems.

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