Barnes Noble E-Reader BNRV200 Review

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If you are a bookworm and who loves to read just about anything whether it’s magazine, newspaper, or book, or any other reading material, then here is your chance to take all of these stuff with you wherever you may go.

Thanks to Barnes Noble E-Reader BNRV200. It is selling at $249 only. With this cool device you can now access to tons and tons of e-reading materials even when you are on the go. No more carrying heavy books or worrying about leaving magazines behind. All it takes is a simple device as an e-reader.

What’s including in the package? Well you will have the following:

a. e-book reader (1 unit)
b. USB cable
c. user’s manual

The coolest part is that it is touch screen and has a screen of about 7-inch and it’s colored too. You can read a certain material up to 6 different sizes of the font that fits for your needs.

Since this e-reader has a wide viewing angle, you will be able to read well the reading materials at any angle and still the quality is the same.

Barnes Noble E-reader offers a total of 16 million colors in order to make sure that the user gets only the brightest and accurate color therein right on the screen in order to increase the E-reader’s readability.

This e-reader is not for adults only but also for kids too. Such device has a AliveTouch technology which eventually make it a lot easier to be used by the children. Aside from that these, kids will have the chance to read using the e-reader with the integration of pictures into words. The internal memory of this device is about 8 GB. Totally, that’s a lot of reading materials stored right into your e-reader. That’s about 6,000 worth of ebooks, 50 varieties of kid’s books, songs, photos, and color magazines all stored in Barnes Noble E-Reader.

If you run out of memory space you can just put in an external memory card (SD) in order to expand the memory of the E-reader. Plus, it’s also wifi. Therefore, you can access a lot of reading materials without have to use an Ethernet cable for that.

One downside of this E-reader is that the reaction of the screen is a bit slow plus the product’s description is somewhat misleading especially for potential buyers.

Picture Source : The picture has been provided courtsey bestbuy.

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