Blu-TV with the BDP-83

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The BluTV will be available to the user who owns a BD-Live Blu-Ray player by means of a firmware installation which one can avail from the maker. The working procedure of this Blu TV is similar to traditional IPTV and you can access channels, like Netlflix, CNET as you access it from traditional IPTV. Blu TV also supports VOD service that will lease and trade movies to customers. At present BluTV is support by Oppo, if you have BDP-83 player then you can tune up BluTV through firmware update.

Apart from movies and IPTV channels, you can access games using the BluTv platform. At present, you can play 20 games using BluTV. You can’t access very highly developed game, but you can play simple games like chess, Sudoku and solitaire. You can also access weather and news widgets and a collage show that exhibit movie posters.

Still it is unknown that the number of producer will really facilitate their players to access BluTV through a firmware update, but Dreamer was exhibiting the service at CES at the beginning of this month on a PlayStation 3. At present PS3 consumer will require a special DVD in their disc drive to access netflix. BluTV would possibly permit them to make use of the Netflix IPTV channel in its place.

Dreamer’s BluTV IPTV service acting on Blu-ray players is exclusive way that they are putting effort to filling the gap between two.

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