Bold 9700, Curve 8520, Shine II to be launched at AT&T Nov. 22

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BlackBerry Bold 9700

AT&T has finally decided to introduce 3 new models into its phone catalog, two of them being BlackBerry and the third being an LG designer phone. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 comes as a perfect replacement for the 8300 series at the carrier. Like the T-mobile, it supports both Wi-Fi and GPS. Using a simpler 320×240 display along with a 2-megapixel camera instead of 3G has helped the company to keep down the price of the model.


BlackBerry Curve 8520

However, it does not support Wi-Fi calling and for this reason, the company has decided to sell it for 100$ on a contract basis starting from November 22nd.BlackBerry Bold 9700 has also been scheduled to be shipped on the same day.Like BlackBerry Curve 8520, it does not support Wi-Fi calling too but still has a higher cost of 199$ for its features like 3G, 3.2-megapixel camera and a crisper 480×360 screen.


LG Shine II

The third one in the line is LG Shine II updated with new features like stainless steel fashion slider, support for 7.2Mbps 3G and a new software that could support multitasking as well as image editing for 2-megapixel camera. Also, it carries assisted GPS feature through AT&T’s subscription Navigator service.

Though it has a high cost of 120$ on a contract basis, but will behave smarter than the smart phones.

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