Camangi WebStation Taking Pre-Orders

Posted by Stefan on December 8th, 2009 in Portable Device | No Comments


Camangi is announcing their all new WebStation tablet to the world. The Android powered device will be the first of its kind in the world and the company is accepting orders from those who are willing to spend at least $400 on the device.

For those who are disappointed at the Apple Tablet’s nonexistence as well as the demise of the CrunchPad, this one is yours.

The system boasts a 7-inch touchscreen as well as a 624MHz processor and 128GB of random access memory, 256MB of flash memory and connectivity to 3G cellular networks and WiFi as wella s GPS.

The WebStation can be had in whatever color you desire, as long as it is black or pink. Availability is set for the end of December and for those who pre-order, $10 is knocked off as well as free shipping.

So what you say? Interested or not? You Got credit card handy?

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