Canadian Carrier Rogers Offers to Unlock iPhones for $50

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The Canadian Mobile Carrier Rogers has started to offer unlocking of the phones for a charge of $50. It is probably for the first time that a mobile carrier company has started offering the unlocking services for a fee. The unlocking also include the iPhone.

Customers are often unable to use the phone after the expiry of the contract period as the phone is tied to a particular carrier. iPhone has been most annoying as it is officially not possible to use iPhone beyond AT & T. The iPhone users therefore look at out of the contact to look for the unlocking services. The unlocking methods and procedures have led to the growth of several new sites and hacking instructions which claim to provide the complete hacking instruction.

These unlocking and jailbreaking instructions differ from version to version and, often following wrong procedure leads to the phone rendered un usable. The user then gets frustrated.

The offer from the Canadia Carrier should benefit the customers have their phone or the iPhone for that matter get unlocked from a reliable service. However, many customer feel that the $50 charge is a little steep and many new unlocked phones are available without the additional charge of $50.

Rogers Communications Inc. along with its subsidiary Fido’s indiacation of offering the unlocking service has been seen with a mixed response.

According to David Orazietti, MPP – “The decision by Rogers Communications Inc. to offer unlocking as a paid service to its customers falls short of providing substantive protections to consumers. It fails to recognize that the purchased goods once paid for should be fully accessible by the consumer at no additional cost,”. David Orazietti adds, “I am pleased that Rogers has taken this step to offer unlocking as a service, but any celebration of this decision is premature, because they have failed to address many other, more significant consumer concerns.”

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