Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Review

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Canon’s recently introduced EOS 60D digital SLR camera is a  vast improvements over its predecessor, the canon 50D.  The Canon EOS 60D is a  mid level digital SLR that also has pop-up flash. With  18 megapixel resolution, the canon EOS 60D DSLR produces high quality images that can be used even by professional photographers.

Canon EOS 60D  allows photographers to capture picture of any difficult angle. Even though it is slightly big and heavy ( with size of 145 x 106 x 79 mm weighing around 755 gm) it can be easily used  on a tripod stand.

Built using polycarbonate Canon EOS 60D  has a unique live view finder that offers ample space to capture scenes. The best part is the quality of the  video clips in low light.The  EOS 60D camera has a 3-inch LCD view finder. The TruBlack Technology  offering  full exposure  enables continuous shooting even in low light conditions.  The sharpness of the picture is still retained even  in the low and dull light condition.

Canon has been historically using the Digiv processor. The Digic 4 processor in the EOS 60D has the capacity to generate  5 frames per second.  The most remarkable feature of the EOS 60D is the  movie videos can be captured even at low brightness  level. The  iFCL metering system with 63 point and a view finder  in the 60D facilitates coverage of  upto 96 percent.

The with 9 point autofocus system Canon EOS 60D  DSLR  camera enables the capture of  each moment with s fast focusing. You also have the choice of EF and EF-S lenses. The auto focus and the image stabilizer produces sharp images.  The camera can take  three types of memory card slots – SD, SDHC and SDXC.

The  HD video shoots with the resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixel are possible at 30 frames per second. You may also  60 frames per second video  at 720p resolution. The ISO sensitivity in the range of 100:6400 is possible and can be further extended to  12800. This lets you shoot even in very low light conditions.

The video crop technology in  EOS 60D has video crop  enables the user to crop the picture  to standard resolution 640 X 480 pixel to reduce the storage size of the video clips. This helps faster upload to youtube or for emailing.

The basic Canon 60D with EF lens comes at a  price tag of $1099.   The  EOS 60D with  EF-S lens comes for $1399.

[ A note on the Amazon prices – at the time of writing the Canon EOS 60D with body only is showing at $1099 – a bit expensive – by worth taking for professional photographers]

Canon EOS 60D comes under the category of  a mid-range camera. It is easy to use and recommended for anyone who wish to produce high quality photographs. The Canon EOS 60D  serves the need of entry level amateur photographers as well as seasoned professional photographers.

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