Canon FAX-JX210P Review – Inkjet Fax

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Canon FAX-JX210P Inkjet Fax is the new Fax machine that is available in the market from Canon, the Japanese multinational company who is into many things like making digital cameras, photocopiers, computer printers and communication devices. This device that canon has launched recently is a Fax machine which uses the Inkjet technology for printing the fax content. This fax machine is priced at 74 dollars, has fast printing capabilities along with a feel for quality thanks to the cartridge which is based on the FINE cartridge ink system. There is USB connectivity available in this Canon FAX-JX210P Inkjet Fax machine using which the user gets easy access to the Fax machine via connecting it to the computer. UHQ technology which is the simple form for Ultra High Quality technology is implemented in this fax machine which takes care of sending and receiving of crystal clear and crisp fax messages. One touch dialing feature is present in this fax machine, which allows to user to dial a stored number just by using one key. This fax machine can hold up to 60 pages that are to be printed that is it can hold a maximum of 60 incoming fax page content.

Canon FAX-JX210P Inkjet Fax machine has the Auto document feeder which can hold up to 20 documents and feed them to the machine automatically. The FINE cartridge ink system is simply the short form of Full photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering cartridge ink system which takes care of free flowing of the ink through the nozzle thus the user gets proper print without any glitches. The ink used here in this fax machine gives the user the laser quality prints and also this ink is smudge resistant. Once the cartridge is over the user can easily replace the cartridge as it is mentioned in the user manual that comes along with the cartridge. There is a full matrix LCD display on which the user gets to see the menu and few other informations which helps them in deciding what to do. The LCD display is a seven segment display that shows things like number of messages stored in the machine, number of sent messages and options to print one particular message again. Speed dialing is also supported in this fax machine which allows the user to assign 69 numbers which can be speed dialed. The fax speed of this fax machine measures 14.4 kilo bits per second, this machine is the ideal fax machine that you want to keep it in your office. This has all the features and capabilities that you expect from a fax machine and also it is pretty compact and portable. More than the features the cost to performance ratio is very less that means the user gets more features for a lesser cost. What are you waiting for if you are planning to buy a fax machine this is the one you should be buying.

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