Canon FS30 Digital Camcorder Review

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Canon FS30 Introduction

Canon FS30 Digital Camcorder is a new camcorder in the market that will surely rock the world of camcorder fanatics. What can you expect from a camcorder manufactured by one of the best and multinational Japanese company in the electronics industry?

Canon FS30 Price: $300

Well, for starters, here are the things that come together with the entire package:

a. owner’s manual
b. battery pack (BP-808)
c. stereo video cable
d. USB cable
e. compact power adapter
f. music CD
g. Pixela ImageMixer 3SE software CD ROM h. Canon FS30 Digital Camcorder (unit)

Canon FS30 Cool Features:

a. optical zoom – it measures about 37x on the actual object plus the digital zoom can even reach up to 2000x on the actual object.

b. display – it has a display of about 2.7′ LCD

c. speakers – these are integrated right into the camcorder which aids when it comes to the reproduction of an audio (captured) while at the same time the user is also watching the video right on the LCD display.

d. image sensor – it has a 0.166′ CCD as an image sensor which is a cool feature that aids in capturing a clear image.

e. video resolution – 680K pixel for the total video resolution

f. camera resolution – 0.45 MP for the camera resolution on a wide range and about 0.36 MP resolution on tele mode.

g. image processor – it uses DIGIC DV II as an image processor that will take care when it comes to noise reduction plus stabilizes the captured image color.

h. electronic image stabilization – the camcorder uses an electronic image stabilization technology which is used to adjust the captured image in order to provide better quality of the image automatically plus good sharpness too.

i. preprogrammed automatic expose modes – as expose modes it include spotlight, auto, sunset, fireworks, landscape, portrait, beach, night, snow, and sports.

j. quick start mode – this will help the user in conserving the battery plus improving the startup time.

k. digital still mode – this will make the user capture an image up to 0.45 MP.

l. dual shot mode – this will make the user capture still images at the same time record videos without having to switch on one mode of operation to the other.

m. internal flash memory – it has an 8 gb worth of internal flash memory.

n. recording speed – it has the following recording speeds namely XP, LP and SP.

p. microphone – this is use to capture audio.

q. audio recording – the camcorder has a digital audio recording.

r. Dolby digital – the user can record stuff right into Dolby digital.

Overall verdict, this is definitely worth every penny spent. A simple plus an efficient camcorder as Canon FS30 Digital Camcorder is a must have.

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