Canon PowerShot S95 Camera

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The camera is well-designed and attractive and produces pictures with excellent quality. Also HD videos at 720p resolution are of great quality. There is very good feature set and manual controls for all picture settings. The battery life is below par and there is no option to compress JPEG images to reduce file size. The camera performance is great and is compact alternative for dSLR shooters. When the S90 was launched an year back, it had left good impression with advanced photographers. It camera is compact with wide-aperture lens and has essential shooting features and manual controls. The enhanced image stabilization, upgrade to capture 720p high definition video and other minor performance tweaks have been done with S90 which has been released as the newer S95 version.

The image quality is great but there is no option for less-compressed JPEG pictures and you can find noticeable difference between JPEG and raw shots. The JPEG photos are relatively amazing and clear up to ISO 400, and the lens is very bright and sharp but you can certain asymmetrical distortion. The exposure and metering is consistent and fair. The default values excessively increase the color saturation though the test results indicate that S95 has more accurate color and neutral settings are not accessible for JPEG+raw shooting. The colors are over emphasized in videos but you will get a decent movie quality overall and the stereo microphones produce excellent sound quality though they are very minute.
The performance of S95 has been enhanced than its earlier version but it lacks behind it in certain aspects. It takes 2 seconds for boot up and 0.2 seconds extra to power on and shoot pictures than S90. It is 0.1 second faster when you focus and shoot in bright day light, but with dim light it takes 0.4 and 0.7 seconds for power on and shot. The sequential flash shots in JPEG mode has a delay of at least 0.5 seconds and takes 2.3 seconds for JPEG still capture and 3.3 seconds for taking pictures with Flash. For burst shooting, it takes 1.9 seconds for every frame.

The manual controls are same as S90 with Func/Set up button for adjusting the shooting parameters which include color, drive mode, bracketing, white balance, ISO, aspect ration, quality, metering, dynamic range correction etc. The position of flash is inconvenient make it difficult to hold the camera. It has 10 megapixel CCD sensor and 28-105mm equivalent wide-angle lens. It is good for taking 720p HD videos at 30 fps in H.264 format as well as AVCHD format. The Canon S95 is really a good choice for advanced photographers and cheaper alternative to dSLRs. Anyway having a camera like this it’s a good idea after conference call with my friends who told me that the performance of the S95 is really good.

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