Canon Powershot SDI400IS Camera Review

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Powershot SDI400IS is the new camera from Canon that has a resolution of 14 Megapixel. The camera has been priced at $229 at bestbuy as its regular price. The Canon Powershot SDI400IS has been lucratively priced ar $149 on the Nov 26, 2010 on the BF Sale. Though this is not one of the hottest items to consider for buying – it is definitely a decent choice.

The Canon Powershot SDI400IS boasts a great 4x optical zoom which is decent considering many more cameras come only with 3x optical zoom. The optical zoom will help you taking close pictures of distant objects. The Canon Powershot SDI400IS come equipped with 2.7″ LCD that you can use to preview the photos to be taken or view the photos after you take the pictures.

You will need an SD card to store the pictures. The SD card is not sold with the camera. The The Canon Powershot SDI400IS emplys Li Ion batteries which has a decent battery life.

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