Casio Exilim EX-S7 Review

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On its 2010 lineup, Casio brings in two new products: the Exilim EX-S7 and EX-Z35. Of the two, the former is somewhat more expensive but still affordable. It comes with a number of upgraded features like a 720p movie capture, unique and dynamic photo mode and an LCD screen that is larger than usual. The most important feature to note is that it comes with a better image processor that will help in producing better photos.

The EX-S7 is a stylish, light weight, thin and good looking piece of art and the feeling it brings with it is surely better that the price. On the rare side, the LCD screen takes up most of the space with a slim panel of controls. The back side also has the movie mode button which on the first press, starts recording and the second press stops the recording and automatically sends you to back to the shooting stills. Below these you will find the playback and Camera mode buttons.

For quick access to the shooting options, you are provided with a touch screen which incorporates these options on its right hand side. On the camera’s directional pad, you can change the camera’s flash settings and display information by pressing the up-down on the pad. Similarly, the left-right cycles change vivid landscape together with the make-up modes. You can boost the saturation for the colors in a landscape orientation and remove roughness and soften the facial shadows respectively.

The SD and battery slot cards are placed at the bottom of the camera. The battery life is rated for 210 shots. On the other hand, using other applications such as zoom and movie recording will reduce the battery life. There is a Micro-USB/AV port which serves as the only out put the camera has. This is located on the right side of the camera.

Just like any other Casio camera, the EX-S7 has abundant scene modes. There are 31 different modes that you can pick from. They include, landscape, portrait, night scene to others like white board. You will have two other shooting modes that come automatically:
The Auto mode, which lets you adjust all the camera settings except for the shutter speed and aperture
The movie mode is a 720p high definition quality and comes in the camera with a one touch button for activation.
The Casio EX-S7 also comes with the oddball Dynamic Photo feature. With this application, if for example you take a series of moving shots of a specific object, you can extract the subject and add it onto another photo. Although most of you are quite aware of this application in Photoshop, notice that you can quickly do it on camera.

The EX-S7’s hugest performance problem however is the time gap between shots. This, the specifications above plus some few other problems make up the EX-S7. Its not perfect, though it will surely be worth the cash.

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